Baileys Rocky Road

Help yourselves and enjoy your weekend! x


100g unsalted butter
4 tbsp of Baileys
300g good quality dark chocolate
50g unsalted pistachios
200g of mini marshmallows
75g shortbread of choccy digestives - crushed
150g white chocolate

* Grease a square baking/brownie tin and line the base and side with baking paper
* Make a bain marie by placing the dark chocolate, Baileys and butter into a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water 
* Allow to melt and then add the pistachios, marshmallows, biscuits and white chocolate
* Stir together and place into your baking tin
* Chill for 2 to 3 hours ... if you can leave it that long! 


  1. Mmmmm those look and sound yummy! Have a great weekend :)


  2. Ohh I just saw your post and its made me want to pour myself a small glass of "Bailey's". Its is friday night after all xx

  3. These are my favourite...xoxoxo Happy weekend

  4. Just found you and what a lovely greeting! That looks yummy!!

  5. Stop it, stop it, stop it!!! lol, I'm off to join weight watchers on Monday, say no more, Lucey xx

  6. Can I just say *Drool* that is all.
    B x

  7. They sound scrummy Kitty...Just a little message I have nominated you for the versatile bloger award and hope you will accept ,though I won't be dissapointed if you dont,you can find more details on my blog.
    XX Manda XX

  8. I've taken three 'cos I'm greedy !!!! haha. They look delicious.
    .... and, we must be on the same wavelength with our 'Button's and Bow's' !!
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment today. XXXX

  9. I'd like to place an order please! Hope all is well!


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