Label lab at House of Fraser

My lover affair with skinny jeans could never be swayed.  When House of Fraser approached me recently to review some jeans - skinny or boyfriend, my choice was a no-brainer.

Being petite, unless I am wearing heels, I feel swamped in boyfriend jeans.  Skinnies for me are so practical.  Comfortable to wear, they suit my shape and fit into my lifestyle.  I like to dress them up at the weekend and for evenings out, but I can also easily slip a pair of Hunter boots over them for running around with Luca and the dog down at the beach.

Leopard Coat - Florence and Fred
Jumper - Hush
Shirt - Baukjen

Boots - Rag and Bone
Coat - M&S
Jumper - Baukjen

I have never tried Label lab before and have been delighted with this pair of jeans, they are the 'THISTLE AUTHENTIC WASH SKINNY JEANS'.  I do shop mostly online these days for clothes and I guess the only downside is never knowing if something will fit properly or not.  The Label Labs where the perfect fit for me, the fabric is stretchy and I love the colour.  I have literally lived in these the past few weeks, as you can see my hair has gone from red to blonder in that space of time and I can vouch that after a wash or two, they are still looking great and have kept their shape.

There are more gorgeous Label Lab goodies too:
If you like my parka they have a stunning khaki Label lab Wool Mix Parka 
Did you read my post all about leather dresses?  If so, there is a stunning Label Lab Leather and Chiffon one available now, would be fab for a more edgy Christmas party look
In my last post I promised I would be trying a hat ... watch this space the Label Lab Leather Look Trim Fedora may just be making it's way onto my Christmas wishlist!

If your other half is also into his fashion they do a men's range too.

All available at HOUSE OF FRASER at the moment and don't forget it's Black Friday, there are some great reductions online!

With kind thanks to Bethanie and House of Fraser xxx

The Mad Hatter

Do you 'do' winter hats?

I am giggling to myself as I type out this post.  I honestly love a hat, but having short hair I need to be careful as to which styles I go for, basically in-order to avoid looking bald.  Depending on the style I will either really suit a hat or I really, really won't! 

Ok this part may be controversial in the hat stakes, because I realise they are everywhere on social media at the moment, (so much so, I have personally named them the 'Fashion Blogger's Hat') which
probably means everyone other than me likes them, but the blinking dreaded floppy 'Fedora' :-)  Look fab on 70's-esque, long flowing tresses types but would just not be me at all. 

On the same scale (in my bonkers mind) is the 'bobble hat'. I look like the village loon in them, although I have to admit that I have bought a sweet grey one from River Island.  More to look at than anything else ... because the bobble is cute (?), whether or not you will actually see me wearing it is another matter.

I am sooo nesh when it comes to cold weather and my head ends up freezing so I will have to wear something.  I'm quite happy in a beret and I will also pop on a trilby 'type thing' during the summer months, so I thought I would have a hat searching mission ... 'my style'.  

I seem to be stuck somewhere circa 1920. Expect something a bit quirky, border line vintage to appear on my barnet anytime soon.

I love these!

Good old M&S with a BELTED TRILBY - £19.50

Marksie's again - PURE WOOL CLOCHE - £25.00

A ROSE topped beanie!

The V&A shop

Not entirely sure I could get away with this one or where the heck I could wear it but I do love it all the same - Helene Berman Flapper Hat at Anthropolgie £48.00, this one is available in three different colours.

Ok this next one is a Fedora but it's pretty gorgeous and would no doubt suit anybody other than me.


 A beanie hat - how flipping cute?  With pearls and a veil!

What about you - are you practical on a mission to stay warm or a little more sartorial with your hat choices?

Florence and Fred at Tesco

Living cross-country these days and mostly reliant on internet food shopping, I really don't get the opportunity to browse the clothing bits and bobs on offer in the supermarkets, like I used to.

There are a few well worn items in my wardrobe, which I've sneaked into the trolley over the years Trousers from Tu at Sainsburys, quite a few pairs of shoes from Florence and Fred, cute wellies and winter accessories from George at Asda, to name but a few.

I did have to force myself to drive over to Tesco's in Poole a good few weeks ago.  As food shopping is one of my least favorite things to spend time on, I had to try to calm the old trolley rage with a quick gander around the fashion floor.

I definitely fall into the 'impulse buyer' category,  I am a quick shopper, and if I see something I like, I usually will just buy it there and then, funds allowing.  I'm also a bit of a (albeit neat and tidy) hoarder of purchases. I don't need an immediate event to prompt or justify a buy.  One of the lovely things about living in Dorset is the mild climate, and it was still a really hot day when I scooped my leopard print coat, so it has sat in my wardrobe until a week or two ago.

I'm so pleased with this buy. Even though it isn't going to be the warmest coat in the depths of winter, for the price, the cut and fabric hang really nicely, and I know I have already influenced two other purchasers over on Instagram!

It's worked dressed up a little, layered over a little silk mix dress from Hush, as well as with black leather leggings from Baukjen and grey and white sweatshirts.  I love the shape and it's going to be big enough to bundle some warmer jumpers underneath, as we move into the colder months. 

Do you follow any of the supermarket labels on Instagram?  Florence and Fred are one of my favorites, there are some lovely winter accessories at the moment.  I've already put away some cute embellished wrist warmers and have my eye on their LEOPARD PRINT GLOVES, as well as the cute RED PLAID GLOVES (they are real leather)!  

The other two pieces that have gone onto my wishlist, are a fab grey WOOL MIX PARKA (25% off at the moment).

The cutest little pair of METALLIC BROCADE PUMPS which will look fab dressed up with jeans or pencil skirts for nights out over Christmas. 

I've even found a little red leopard SKATER DRESS which would be perfect for me to wear on days when I am working from our London office at work.

Florence and Fred have got a great Instagram account which you can follow HERE

 Have you had a supermarket sweep recently?


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