Candy Coat-ed

In the sweetest candyfloss pinks, take your pick and mix from funnel necks, detachable fur, duffle and duster.  ZARA are seriously tempting my sweet toothed coat addiction at the moment. 

Roll on birthday week ...!

The Leather Dress Post ...

Leather dresses.  I'm thinking more 'cool girl style' than dominatrix, but how can you be cool girl when you hit 41 in a few weeks time?

I think I can just about get away with it. Styled in the right way of course.  I hold Gray and Osbourn totally responsible, because it was their faux leather dress by Oui which I first spotted about a month ago.  It's sat on my sidebar showing off and teasing me each time I've logged onto my blog. 

I've already succumbed to a pair of Baukjen's leather leggings and I won't relax until I've at least tried the dress by Oui, therefore laying the leather dress ghost to rest.  It's on order.  It is birthday month!

In the meantime, I'm stalking a few of the street style 'Pinners' to see how they are styling theirs. Less seems to be more.  As much as I love the more dressy and evening designs, sadly they just aint going to work for my lifestyle at the moment. 

Ultimately I want to be Alexander Wang's niece Alaia, she has got the look down to the cutest tee.  Chanel, black Raybans and a pair of Nike, and you are sorted!

Arms covered, a pair of dark glasses, with either a hint of layered lace or a crisp white peter pan collar, and the street posse have nailed it for me in terms of day time looks.  


Legs eleven.  If mine were somewhere up to my armpits and I looked like this lot, I would be rocking out in leather night and day in a pair of killer heels.

Kind of loving these two and I know the Olivia fans out there think she can do no wrong, but I would be ditching the necklaces and red bag for a cleaner look.

Faking it or not, there are some lovely designs on the high street at the moment. As well as Gray&Osbourn and Baukjen, Reiss and Marks and Spencer are my other favorites.

Ok, so the first two pictures are the LANVIN PLEATEAD FAUX LEATHER, yes that's FAUX leather for the princely sum of £2,115 at Net-a-Porter but don't all rush at once because it's already sold out ;-)  The other is my little high end nod to the sixties by LOVE LEATHER at Browns.

A girl can dream! 

The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Jacket: Keri

“There is no security in following the call to adventure” - Joseph Campbell -

It's my turn to be story teller today, over on Chocolate Cookies and Candies

Typically me :-)  Take an episode of Dragons Den and mix with a Place in the Sun, Paul O'Grady's For the Love of Dogs, Benefit Street and One Born Every Minute.  That pretty much sums it up!

I've loved being part of this project, big thanks again to Marlene, who not only managed to capture Luca, but Alfie too!  Not an easy task as they are both so active xxx

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